Freed By Restrictions| Twitter Recap

Freed By Restrictions| Twitter Recap
September 27, 2016 Tony Ripa

In 140 characters or less we recap Mike Ashcraft’s sermon “Freed By Restrictions.”

  • Commands serve as placeholders to help us do what we want to do until we want to do it.
  • There is a BIG difference between what catches your eye and what captures your heart.
  • Authority requires restrictions.
  • What we see affects the condition of our heart.
  • Our heart is forged by what we encounter.
  • Freedom comes from discipline and endurance.
  • We become free by becoming a slave.
  • You’re only free to the point you are willing to submit to God’s authority.
  • For better or worse, our lives are always expressing what is inside.
  • Most of our lives are spent responding to the things that catch our eyes.
  • Freedom is found when we focus on who we are and let the One who defines us define our days.
  • Obedience from the heart takes time.
  • As our hearts are changed, we are free to live out as we were made.
  • Restrictions are liberating because they help us see what we truly want and desire.
  • Freedom comes from discipline and endurance so when the time comes we will be free to respond in obedience naturally.
  • Our heart always follows our obedience.
  • When our picture of God grows clearer, our obedience becomes more consistent.
  •  He is always pointing us towards the way of freedom.
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