Learning To Care | Twitter Recap

Learning To Care | Twitter Recap
November 2, 2016 Tony Ripa

In 140 characters or less we recap Mike Ashcraft’s sermon “Learning to Care.”

  • Leaning in to understand is the first step in learning to care.
  • Indifference is a response to protect our hearts.
  • We must learn to lean in to understand or we will look away and ignore.
  • Missions is an expression of discipleship.
  • Our hearts expand or shrink to the size of our greatest concern.
  • We can’t wait to care. We must learn to care.
  • Compassion begins at the point where we start to care.
  • There’s always a person on the other side of the issue. We need to see the people behind the issues.
  • Some of us allow our convenience, comfort and complacency to justify our inactivity.
  • Everyday, all around us, we are confronted with brokenness. We see needs in our neighborhood, our city and our world.
  • Comfort might distract us and provide relief for a moment, but it eventually gives way to boredom and apathy.
  • Living a life of convenience proves to be a lonely venture.
  • Convenience is tolerated self-centeredness.
  • Rather than guarding our heart, indifference damages it.
  • When our highest value is our own comfort and well-being, our soul becomes minuscule and unusable.
  • Compassion is a quality that must be cultivated and only takes root when we take action.
  • The significant issues facing our world require significant people. You are significant…so the world needs you.
  • Maybe God only needs the little we have to make big things happen, if we would only lean in and start somewhere.
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