The Thing That Matters | Twitter Recap

The Thing That Matters | Twitter Recap
October 4, 2016 Tony Ripa

In 140 characters or less we recap Mike Ashcraft’s sermon “The Thing That Matters.”

  • In order for your heart to be captured, it must first be available.
  • We aren’t available to surrender because we serve other masters.
  • We want God’s ways, but on our terms.
  • We desire God’s vision just as long as it lines up with our perspective.
  • We are experts at looking for exactly what we want to see. We use our mind to either find truth or hide truth.
  • When we find truth but don’t like it’s implications, we disregard and dismiss it.
  • When God captures your heart, His commands become irrelevant. Obedience becomes an expression.
  • God doesn’t want “grin and bear it” heartless obedience.
  • We pretend that we are unsure and claim there isn’t enough evidence to submit. But, the truth is we don’t want to submit.
  • If you can convince yourself God is not real, you will always have a reason why you can disobey Him.
  • We use our mind to either find truth or hide truth.
  • The lens we use to view the world shapes our response to it.
  • If we feel there isn’t enough evidence to believe in God, our eyes will search for everything to confirm this point.
  • We all establish a standard by which we measure truth. More often than not, the standard we use is ourselves.
  • Obedience doesn’t automatically equal a heart that is in step with God.
  • The one thing God wants from us is the very thing we can hide from everybody else- our motives.
  • It’s through the renewal of our mind that our heart gets transformed.
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