Trusted Authority | Twitter Recap

Trusted Authority | Twitter Recap
October 18, 2016 Tony Ripa

In 140 characters or less we recap Mike Ashcraft’s sermon “Trusted Authority.”

  • We are trusting authority and trusted with authority.
  • When we look to God’s Word just to find God’s laws, we will often find loopholes.
  • When we look to God’s Word to find God Himself, we find life.
  • If you can trust Him with the first step, you can trust Him with the next one.
  • Authority requires responsibility. We’ve been given authority to empower others and point them towards freedom.
  • Our obedience is not about gaining access to the Kingdom, but for our lives to serve as an expression of the Kingdom.
  • God’s love should be the driving force in our lives because this is what God uses to bring His Kingdom to bear in this world.
  • True peace is centered on who is standing beside you rather than what is happening around you.
  • What our world is looking for is the Kingdom of God because that is the Kingdom we were made for.
  • We always find what we’re looking for.
  • What we focus on gets our attention and what gets our attention impacts our heart.
  • The condition of our heart doesn’t remain hidden; it will eventually get expressed.
  • What is happening on the inside shows on the outside.
  • If all our energy is spent on deciding what is best for our needs, our agenda and our comfort, others lose out.
  • We were never meant to live for ourselves.
  • By trusting God’s authority, we are able to steward the authority we’ve been trusted with well.
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