Always The Same

By in Devotions

Long ago you laid the foundation of the earth and made the heavens with your hands. They will perish, but you remain forever; they will wear out like old clothing. You will change them like a garment and discard them. But you are always the same; you will live forever. Psalm 102:25-27

But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Psalm 33:11


We tend only to trust things that we believe are consistently true. We are suspicious of something that we feel moves and changes. If what we think about God determines what we trust Him with, then we must see Him as unchanging above all else. Why? God’s love, justice, providence and all His other attributes provide no security or foundation if they are inconsistent.

If we think God’s love is unpredictable, then we won’t trust His love. If we feel God’s mercy is erratic, then we won’t believe His mercy. If we think God’s grace is fickle, we will continually be left wondering if He approves of us.

We must learn to rest in the fact that the Creator is immutable. Immutability is just a fancy way to say that God’s character does not change. His nature cannot be worsened or bettered. It remains the same.

God does not change in either His being or His will. What God is doing in history since the creation to its eventual consummation is according to His plan. It is a constancy that guarantees that He always remains the same true God.

There are implications to His immutability. God’s unchanging nature means that His attributes are perfect. He can’t become less loving or more loving. The extent of His wrath, justice and faithfulness are all complete.

Nothing can be added or subtracted from them. If there were things that God did not know, He couldn’t be all-knowing. If there were things God could not do, He would not be all-powerful. Immutability is the glue that holds all the other attributes together.

Scripture teaches us that God does not change and that His Word stands firm throughout time. It gives us clarity on what it means to follow, trust and know Him. We don’t have to guess.

In this ever-changing world, we must cling to His promises. As we do, we find our purpose and experience a sense of security. He is with us. He is our firm foundation, and we know that God is working all things together for our good. Because we believe God is unchanging, we can freely trust. We can trust Him despite our changing world.


  • What security does God’s unchanging nature provide for you?


God, thank you that in the midst of this ever-changing world I can cling to Your promises. Your Truth remains the same. Your character can be trusted and counted on. You are the security I long for, and today I am grateful. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.