Before Honor

By in Devotions

Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor. Proverbs 15:33


What we do must flow out of who we are. Our significance comes not from our ability, status, or achievements, but from an encounter with God’s grace and mercy. Holding this mindset keeps us humble, and humility provides a proper perspective on the way we engage our relationships and what we demand out of them.

We experience liberation from the burden of maintaining an image, from seeking the approval of others, and from other forms of self-importance. Our audience narrows to the only essential and all-important audience of ONE. We are free to glorify God by reaching out, serving others and giving of ourselves.

When we display humility, we act according to God’s original design for us. It places us in a posture where our hearts remain teachable (Psalm 25:4-6). When we look through Scripture, we notice those that are humble find God’s favor (Isaiah 66:2), experience His grace (James 4:6) and are exalted by Him (Proverbs 15:33).

Humility is for our good. It keeps us grounded in reality by preventing us from operating out of distorted and exaggerated opinions of ourselves. Cultivating humility comes from seeing God as God and who we are in relationship to Him. It hinges on our willingness to accept the grace and blessings that come from what Christ did on our behalf.

As humility defines our steps, His glory shines through our words and actions. Any place or relationship we are trusted with or given influence stands as an opportunity where we can honor Him.

We are exalted when our faith meets God’s faithfulness. Being exalted is never about one’s efforts, but instead about faith and obedience. Faith pleases God and to please Him should be our aim in all things. This takes place through a bended knee, a posture of humility and submission that abandons our will for His own.


  • In what relationships are you currently struggling with humility
  • How does humility help frame the perspective we have on our relationships?


God, I’m humbled that You are willing to use me to make Your name known. Help me to exalt Your name through the way I go about my day today. May I use the time I have to glorify You. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.