Mariana’s Trench

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And compassion is on its way to us. You’ll stamp out our wrongdoing. You’ll sink our sins to the bottom of the ocean. Micah 7:19 (The Message)


I used to spend every single morning watching the sunrise at the edge of the earth. Rain or shine, low tides or high waters, I would take everything in my heart and on my mind and I would meet God where I felt Him the most. I’d run my fingers through thousands of grains of sand, and listen as the tide rolled in. God and I would talk. Sometimes about heavy stresses. Sometimes about the silly things. Some days I’d just listen.

No matter how long I spend by the sea, it’s still absolutely unimaginable to me; the life that it holds. We’ll never know what it’s like to swim Mariana’s Trench (deepest part of the ocean), but Micah 7:19 says that this is in fact where our sins are kept. Well, maybe not Mariana’s Trench in particular. But the Bible says that our sins have been cast that deep.

Can you imagine the thing you feel the most guilt over; the thing you are most afraid of; the thing you can’t speak of. Can you imagine it, at the bottom of the sea? So deep that it could never get to you? So deep that it could never come back to the surface? But instead, on the surface, is the compassion of God. On the surface, you are swimming in the love of the Father, and your sins are 36,000 feet below, and never coming back up.

Our sins often act as the lens through which we see ourselves and our surroundings. When a student fails an exam, they don’t see how hard they studied – they just see that they failed. When you don’t get that promotion at work, you don’t see all the ways you are good at your job; you just see that you weren’t good enough. When you cause an accident in rush hour, you don’t see the years you’ve driven without a glitch – you just see a totaled car. When you fight with your spouse, you won’t see all the things you do agree on; you’ll just see how you disagree. But what if the failures and the let downs and the lies and the fears were all cast so deep into the sea that all that was left was compassion?

When was the last time you talked to God? When all you can hear is a list of your shortcomings and wrongdoings, imagine that list just sinking to the bottom of the sea. Then, think about where you need His compassion, and remember that you’re already swimming in it. It’s surrounding you like the water of the ocean, and it’s coming at you as sure as the tide.


  • Where do you fall short of God’s glory? What are the fears that you want to give to Him? In what areas do you need to receive His compassion?


God, thank you for casting my sins as deep as the sea. Help me to give up my guilt and fear and allow Your love to surround me. I know that where I fail, You have compassion for me. I know that I can rely on You in my shortcomings. In Your name, Amen.

PC3 writer Annalee Thomasson wrote today’s devotional.