Our Quest To Understand

By in Devotions

Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3


What comes to our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us. It influences our words, thoughts, actions, emotions, and sense of identity.

We all have a different viewpoint of who God is and what He should do. When we hear the word “god,” our minds try to figure out who He is, what He’s like, what He’s passionate about, etc. We do this to explain the world around us, deal with the questions we have about life, justify¬†our behavior, or push our agenda.

Over time, we develop a picture of God – sometimes it comes from our parents, culture, our friends, circumstances we face and a host of other different things. But, we rarely take the time to reflect on where our picture of God came from and whether it lines up with the God present in Scripture.

In our quest for understanding, we naturally gravitate towards attempting to explain God away. We foolish believe the best way to understand is to reduce. We break complicated things, like God, down into their parts. Understanding and explaining are essential in our pursuit of God. However, if we make those matter too much, we will miss the thing our heart is looking for, namely God himself.

The ways of God run against the wisdom of the world in which we live. We tend to rely on knowledge that rests on our ability to understand and comprehend. Yet, we don’t understand God by breaking down principles and doctrines, but by looking up and having our eyes expanded.

We believe it all comes back to Jesus. By setting our eyes on Him, we begin to understand God’s character, nature, and heart. He is full of grace and truth, and it is from His fullness that we receive grace upon grace. Grace always expands and makes us see more.

This is an invitation to imagine: to lay aside what we think about God and instead imagine. Imagine the deepest desires of our soul being filled. Imagine the burdens of our heart being held, honored, and redeemed. Imagine those pure longings of our heart being satisfied in Christ. Now, imagine if God were the God we wanted and had been searching for our whole life.


  • What would it look like for God to reintroduce Himself to you? Where do you need to see Him with fresh eyes?


God, my thoughts are not Your thoughts. My ways are not Your ways. You are greater than anything I can imagine. Thank you for providing me grace upon grace as I continue to pursue and understand Your heart. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.