True Words

By in Devotions

Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place. Psalm 51:6

All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal. Psalm 119:160


Our words and our minds have the power to create realities that shape how we view the world and our part in it. Sadly, we are prone to remain stuck within them. Why? Because they require little effort on our part and we are able to avoid the hard work required of seeking out what is true. These false realities influence the way we interact or label others. They fool us into believing that what we are seeing, feeling and thinking is true. They confirm our biases, viewpoints and limited perspective.

These strongholds reside nowhere close to freedom and peace. Not only do they leave us divided as a person, but they enable division to take root in our communities. A world without truth isn’t wrong, it’s insane.

Because we can want wrong things and believe wrong things, we can’t depend on them to lead us to life. So, what else do we have? How can we experience the security and purpose we crave? It comes only when we are willing to mine for truth and wisdom. We have to put our agenda to the side and be willing to seek out truth in a way that sets us free.The truth provides us a foundation that is strong enough to support the weight of our desires.

Understanding truth establishes the essence of reality. Not only that, but it gives us purpose. We were made for life with God and life for God. We were created in the image of God’s compelling beauty and greatness and were made to display that beauty and greatness in everything we do. The way of Jesus is the redemption of that image and the power by which we actually live in a way that reflects His glory.

Scripture speaks of the tongue having the power of death and life. When our words are disconnected from the truth, we create false realities. Knowledge is designed to connect our souls to the truth while language was designed to express our soul’s desire for freedom. Language doesn’t simply communicate, it expresses. It helps us understand and articulate truth.

Unfortunately, we have the tendency to use our words to conceal and avoid the truth. We play word games in order to avoid looking inside of our heart. Yet, God desires truth in our innermost being. Truth is discovered as it is revealed.

The knowledge we seek must reach beyond what we want or hope to be true and instead be anchored to the truth. The ways of Jesus is very different then the ways of this world, which are filled with shortened truths and diminished realities. Together, as a community, we can bring a force of sanity into our culture by being a place of grace and truth.


  • What issues are you gathering information about to buttress your own beliefs rather than seeking understanding and encountering truth? What does the Gospel do to this issue?


God, help me to seek Your truth and not my way. Give me eyes to see where I’ve created false realities that go against the truth of who You are, how You love me, and the purposes You’ve given me. Let me seek wisdom that guides my steps, influences my speech, and grounds my actions in love and grace. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.