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The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18


In the creation story, found in Genesis 1, we see God hard at work. From nothingness, He creates light. By His voice, He speaks day and night into existence. God separates the land and the sea. Like a masterful painter, He covers the earth with mountains, trees, and flowers. Through His imagination, God invents animals.

After each thing God creates, a similar situation occurs. God steps back, takes in what He’s created, and sees that “it was good” – a phrase that occurs seven times in the chapter. Then something strange happens. Unlike anything up to this point, God creates man in His own image. So, when God breathes life into Adam, you would expect that this phrase would make another appearance.

But, God places Adam in the Garden of Eden, and something doesn’t seem right. Everything had run smoothly up until this point. Suddenly, there is a tension. God looks at Adam, who bears His likeness, and He says, “it is not good.” Wait…what?

A comment like this has enormous implications on our perspective regarding human relationships. Let God’s words sink in for a moment. Sin hadn’t entered the world. No sin, rebellion or disobedience created a divide between God and Adam.

At that moment, Adam was experiencing what we can only dream of this side of heaven: perfect intimacy with God. Adam had the opportunity to talk to God face to face as they walked through the garden. He was known and loved by His Creator.

Yet, in Genesis 2:18 God describes Adam as “alone.” Once again….wait…what? The state of being alone is not good in the eyes of God. Even though Adam was sinless, he was alone, an issue big enough for God that He created a helper for Adam named Eve. In the midst of having perfect unity with God, Adam had a void requiring attention, and that was the presence of human relationships.

Without being engaged in relationships with others, something is missing inside of you. To grow and develop, you need others around you. Without relationships, you are incomplete. Living in community is what you were created for. It’s part of your DNA.


  • Why do you think God looked at Adam inside the Garden of Eden and said, “it’s not good for man to be alone”?
  • What implications should God’s comment have on our perspective regarding our relationships with others?


God, help me to understand my need for relationships. Open my eyes so I can see that I am incomplete without them. I’m amazed at how You use my friendships to reflect Your heart and bring me closer to Your side. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.