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Jesus told His followers to “go” and make disciples of all nations. We are privileged to work alongside and support some great individuals & organizations that are living out that command. One way we support our partners is by taking short-term trips. These trips all have the goal of assisting and encouraging them as they strive to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who haven’t heard.

Hope 127 – Kenya Partnership

In 2002, PC3 formed a partnership with Pastor Jackson Mwangi and the Victorious Community Church (VCC). God planted in Pastor Jackson and his wife, Peninah (Mama Hellen) the vision of providing a home and education for the children of Nakuru living in destitution, letting each of them know how much God loves and values them. We feel blessed that we’ve been allowed to participate in helping them build and operate Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center for this purpose.

Since the fall of 2005, Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center has been faithfully receiving children and they have actively helped rehabilitate these children, helped them establish moral and spiritual foundations, assessed their abilities, and then reintegrated them into Kenya’s academic system to help position them to become fruitful adults.

In 2012 tragedy struck as the beloved Mama Hellen passed away. While the heartbreak was felt throughout Kenya and PC3, all have been able to rejoice at the amazing legacy this woman of God left. The bond between our church and Pastor Jackson is an inseparable one and we are blessed to help support them as they continue the work of bringing the Gospel to the streets of Nakuru through the Mama Hellen Rehabilitation Center.

Currently approximately 80 boys and girls now consider the center home. The center operates as a private school to the community where it provides a quality Christian education to approximately 300 students from surrounding areas. During the school breaks of April and August, PC3 sends Short-Term teams to visit the center.

To download a copy (PDF) of the story of how the Kenya partnership came to be, click here.



  • Pastor Jackson as he works to develop the churches and take in children off the streets.
  • The children at the center to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become Godly men and women.
  • Success of the projects that will bring the center closer to self-sufficiency.
  • For strength for Pastor Jackson and the staff as they continue to care for and minister to the children at Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center.
  • Other prayer requests for this country and its people can be found in Operation World.


There are multiple ways to support HOPE 127 – Kenya Partnership:

Sponsor a Child

You may sign up to sponsor a child at Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center. Sponsors commit to pray regularly for their child and contribute $30 monthly, which is used feed, clothe and educate their child. Sponsors will have the opportunity to get to know their child by corresponding through letters and receiving periodic updates. They are encouraged to visit the center on one of the short-term missions offered through PC3. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please visit What’s Next on Sunday or contact us.


Financially Support Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center

You may sign up to become a Friend of Mama Hellen’s. Friends commit to regularly pray for and contribute financially to Mama Hellen’s Rehabilitation Center. Any monthly commitment is welcomed. These supporters along with the sponsors will periodically receive updates. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Mama Hellen’s, please visit us at What’s Next on Sunday or contact us. If at any time you would like to give to HOPE 127 – Kenya Partnership you may bring your check to What’s Next on Sundays or mail it in to the church office at 250 Vision Drive, Wilmington, NC, 28403


Through an organization based in Central America called Pray America, PC3 is helping build homes for widows and their children in the mountains of Guatemala. Pray America works predominantly among the Quiché Indians in the communities in and surrounding Chichicastenango. In addition to coordinating home building efforts for these homeless families, they also operate feeding centers for the children, and offer Bible studies for both children and adults. Short-term team members serve by helping with construction, completing as many as four or five homes during their weeklong stay. With each home completion, the family is presented with a basket of staples and a Bible. Through local workers’ translation, the story of Christ is shared – a story many of the recipients have never heard. The free gift of a home they have just received provides an illustration to help their understanding of the free gift of salvation we have received from God through Jesus. Team members also help serve in the feeding centers and in various other projects Pray America organizes. To generate jobs for those in the community and help improve the local economy, Pray America began a shoe-manufacturing business. With each pair of shoes purchased, a pair is given to someone in need. The impact of this organization is evident in the surrounding communities and also in those of us who go and serve there.

Port City is also privileged to come alongside the Central American Theological Seminary (Seminario Teológico Centroamericano, or SETECA) in Guatemala City. This seminary’s objective is to train Spanish-speaking leaders by providing solid Biblical teaching and equipping. It has trained students from 22 countries and sent workers out to almost 30 different countries. It has a strong missions emphasis and an affiliated missions sending agency to accommodate the students led to fields abroad. Many students are in ministry while they are in school. Our short-term teams will help with maintenance projects at the seminary facility and student dormitories, and work alongside students and graduates in the various ministries they’re involved in. We look forward to seeing what God will do with this recently established relationship.

Our college ministry took a trip to SETECA in 2015 and captured the trip on film that you do not want to miss. Watch the film here.



  • The work of Pray America – that it will be a testimony of Christ in the surrounding communities and in all of Guatemala.
  • The families in the communities served by Pray America – that they come to know Christ and develop personal relationships with God. That they will understand the Word of God and not be confused by mixing it with their traditional and other beliefs.
  • SETECA – for a continued supply of good instructors and leaders, as well as administrative and support staff.
  • All those being trained at SETECA – that they will grow and develop as disciples of Christ, and that they will seek God for his guidance in their lives and work.
  • The short-term teams that travel to these areas.
  • God to raise up long-term workers for this field.
  • Other prayer requests for this country and its people can be found in Operation World


  • For more information on how to support Pray America please click here.
  • For more information on how to support SETECA please contact PC3 Missions.


PC3 families have an amazing opportunity to reach out to people around the world and experience another culture without ever leaving home. Through the American Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO), families are allowed to bring children over from Belarus and host them in their homes for six weeks during the summer.

Belarus is a small country in Europe that experienced 70% of the after effect from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986. Everyone is affected by the radiation left in the environment. This summer hosting program is a unique way to help the children recover from these unfortunate circumstances. In addition to providing the children a physical respite, it is a chance for the host families to convey God’s love.

Host families are needed for each child and an adult chaperone. Families can request gender and age (7-12). The cost for becoming a host family is typically around $2000; this covers the child’s travel expenses from Belarus and back. Cost should not be a deterrent to any family seriously called to host a child or the chaperone. We encourage families to allow others to participate in this experience with them through prayer, financial support, helping with daily needs, hosting events, etc. The children have medical, dental, and eye exams while they are here, usually provided at no cost by local medical professionals.

This is a serious commitment. The most ideal environment is one in which the host family is able to spend a lot of time with the child. It is not intended for the family to entertain the child, but instead simply integrate the child into their family’s regular activities. Group activities and time with the adult chaperone are planned so that the children can occasionally be with others who speak their primary language: Russian. Although some of the children speak only a little English, most families do not have too much difficulty communicating

If you have a desire to participate in missions outside this country but aren’t able to travel abroad, consider hosting a child from Belarus this summer. The deadline is typically in February each year. Look for promotions through small groups, in the PC3 weekly e-mail newsletter, online, and on Sunday mornings beginning each January.

View Hosting Packet

Download Application


  • Potential host families to be raised up, and that God will enable the host families to care for and minister to the children in ways that will reflect Him.
  • Sufficient finances to bring as many Belarusian children as there are willing host families to the U.S.
  • The children who will come – that God will be preparing their hearts and their families’ hearts for the children’s time in the U.S., for travel safety, for health and safety while they are here, and for healing of any harmful effects of the radiation on their bodies.
  • The children to grow in their relationships with God through this experience.
  • Continued favor from the Belarusian government to allow this program to continue.
  • Other prayer requests for this country and its people can be found in Operation World.


  • For more information on how to support ABRO please click here.

Love Justice


To combat the ever-increasing issue of human trafficking, we are working through Love Justice. Rather than focusing on the rescue of individuals after they have been trafficked, this organization works to identify potential victims before they are taken across borders. Their efforts include getting the individuals integrated back into their families or into safe homes where they can develop vocational and life skills. They have children homes that also aid in the rehabilitation  to help bring stability and a home to those rescued from exploitation.


  • There are opportunities to part of a vision trip to see the work overseas.


  • Become a prayer partner.
  • For the individuals working hard to rescue and support those who are being trafficked.
  • For the estimated 30,000 girls that are trafficked each year in places like Nepal & Bangladesh.
  • Other prayer requests for this country and its people can be found in Operation World.


  • For more information on how to support Love Justice please click here.

Samaritan’s Purse

PC3 partners with Samaritan’s Purse as they mobilize staff and equipment and enlist thousands of volunteers to provide emergency aid to victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters in the United States.


  • Sign-up to be on our mailing list to be a domestic disaster relief responder by clicking here.


  • For those affected by natural disasters.
  • For Samaritan’s Purse volunteers as they stay behind to help after teams leave.
  • For the Gospel to bring the ultimate healing needed for those affected by natural disaster.


  • For more information on how to support Samaritan’s Purse please click here.

World Vision

PC3 partners with World Vision who has worked in fragile states for over three decades to provide life-saving support and durable solutions for the world’s most vulnerable children. Over 60 million children and families have been forcibly displaced from their homes by conflict and strife. These are the largest numbers of refugees and displaced people since World War II. We join in the fight to help refugees by supporting the work of World Vision.


  • For World Vision leadership as they seek to help the best way possible in some of the hardest areas of the world for refugees.
  • For continued favor in closed countries where World Vision seeks to share the love of Christ.
  • For an end to the refugee crisis in our world.


  • For more information on how to support World Vision please click here.

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