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You aren’t exactly like everyone else and neither is your faith journey. Each person’s journey is unique and deeply personal. There is only one way to God the Father, but there are many paths to Jesus Christ. As a church, we want to come alongside each person and provide places for them to question, connect, learn, be challenged and serve others. Even though our journeys vary and we all enter the path at different points, there are distinctive markers of growth we should look for along the way.

Pathway Groups

If you’re looking for guidance in a specific stage of your faith journey, these groups are a great place to start.

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Focus Groups

These groups meet for a short period of time to  delve deeper into specific topics that impact your life and faith journey.

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Home Groups

Home groups meet consistently outside of church to study and walk with God together. We offer men’s, women’s and married couples’ groups.

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Childcare Reimbursement

Small Group participation is an important part of who we are. We wouldn’t ever want childcare costs to interfere with regular involvement. So we offer childcare reimbursement to those who need it.