Discipleship Pathway


Why a Pathway

People aren’t cookie cutter and neither is their faith journey. Each person’s journey is unique and deeply personal. There is only one way to God, but there are many paths to Jesus Christ. As a church we want to come alongside each person and provide places for them to question, connect, learn, be challenged and serve others. Even though our journeys vary and we all enter the path at different points, there are distinctive markers of growth we should look for along the way.


You are new to church or are coming back after a long time away.  You have lots of questions and are curious about spirituality, but you are unsure about religion and Jesus.  You’re looking for a safe place to process your questions.


You recently began a relationship with Christ and are learning a lot about God and Jesus.  You’re really excited to see where your faith journey will take you.  What you need now is a place where you can learn the basics of faith.


Your walk has been developing and you’re seeing God work in your heart and life. You’re reading the Bible, praying and your faith is deepening.  What you feel you need now is a way to connect with others so you can continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus.


You find that you are consistently reading the Bible and praying.  You’re learning to be completely dependent on Christ and you want to continue down the path to Christ-likeness.  Your focus is shifting toward how you can help other people know God, but you need to learn more about how to share Christ with others.


You are finding a deep contentment in who you are in Christ ,and you are driven by His love.  As you continue to help other people walk toward God you are learning to give yourself away.  You desire to see God’s vision for your life come to fruition.  As you continue down the path you need people in your life to encourage and challenge you to stay the course set before you.