Below The Surface (Part 1): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

An accurate assessment of self requires an authentic encounter with God.

Study Verses

Psalm 139:1-17,23-24

Key Points

  • We often assume everything is okay until it’s not. 
  • Formation doesn’t occur in a hurry. 
  • The formation we crave requires us to invite other voices into the conversation.
  • Self-awareness without self-assessment is reckless and harmful. 
  • Self-assessment without self-awareness is pretty much useless.
  • God knows you better than you know you. 
  • God knows you fully and loves you completely. 
  • God knows exactly where you are today.
  • God’s pursuit of you is perfect.
  • God knows the you who you were made to be.
  • An authentic encounter takes times, tools and trust. 


  • We often assume everything is okay until it’s not. Why do you believe many of us fail to pay attention to the conditions of our heart?
  • Why does one need both self-awareness and self-assessment? What are the repercussions if you have one without the other?
  • What are some warning signs or gauges you look towards to determine if there is something demanding your attention below the surface of what you can see?
  • How does the pace that comes with formation go against the grain of today’s culture?


  • Read Psalm 139:1-6. God knows you better than you know you. How does this statement sit with you (hesitant, thankful, free, ashamed, etc.)? In what ways does your answer influence your willingness to bring all your issues to God?
  • Read Psalm 139:7-12. How does this passage speak to God’s pursuit and His presence in our lives? How would you describe God’s pursuit of you over the years?
  • Read Psalm 139:13-17. God knows the you who you were made to be. What does it look like to assess yourself against who God made you to be?
  • Read Psalm 139:23-24. What can we do to know the true condition of our heart?


  • An authentic encounter takes time, tools and trust. Of the three, which one do you struggle with the most?
  • Formation isn’t found in a hurry. How can you slow down this week and pay attention to the condition of your heart?
  • What lies “below the surface” that you have been attempting to ignore or pretend it isn’t there? Why is an authentic encounter with God needed in this area?
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