Double Part 1: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Integrity is centeredness.

Study Verses

Proverbs 10:9, James 1:5-8 and James 3:13-17

Key Points

  • If wisdom makes you arrogant then what you have isn’t wisdom.
  • If your emotional health is dependent upon how you compare and compete with others, you will always be sick.
  • Who you are can be summed up by three things: What you think, what you feel and what you choose.
  • The opposite of integrity is being divided and double-minded. 
  • In order to get wisdom, you have to actually believe you need it in the first place.
  • Wisdom is the alignment of our heart and mind. 
  • Instead of trying to find balance in life, pursue centeredness because that is where integrity and security is found. 
  • Our compartmentalized hearts have lead to fractured souls. 
  • When you encounter God and His greatness, you’ve arrived at the starting line of wisdom.
  • We don’t tend to think about integrity until we meet someone without it.


“We possess singleness when we are not pulled in opposite directions and when we act without wanting something further for ourselves. Our inner drives do not conflict; they are aimed in one direction. The motives we appear to have are the ones we actually have. Our inner focus is unified and our public posture corresponds with with. We are not, in short, divided.” Clifford Williams

  • Complete the following sentence: Integrity is ___________________. If you define integrity this way, what then is the opposite of integrity?
  • Would you say that you are a person of integrity? Why or why not? What makes you answer in the way that you do?
  • What is the difference between pursuing balance and pursuing centeredness? How has your pursuit of balance left you?
  • Read the quote from Clifford Williams. How does one attain or get integrity? Do you believe it is possible to get to a point where you can trust your motives? Why or why not?


  • Read Proverbs 10:9. How does integrity provide the security we crave?
  • Read James 1:5-8. How can one walk with integrity when doubt exists? What does it look like to be double-minded?
  • Read James 3:13-17. What role does humility play in our pursuit of wisdom and integrity? What are the two sources of wisdom we have to choose from and how are they different from one another?


  • Are there places in your life where you are attempting to compartmentalize your faith?
  • When someone asks“How are you?” is your answer honest or is it based off your circumstances or concealing your circumstances? If God were to ask you the same question, how would you respond?
  • If you aren’t paying attention, where do your mind naturally drift in hopes of finding security (wealth, relationships, status, work, etc.)?
  • How does competition and comparison affect how you think, what you feel and what you do? Where are you most prone to compete and compare yourself with others? What drives this insecurity?
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