Double Part 3: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Integrity allows you to bring your whole self to your whole life. 

Study Verses

Philippians 4:11-13, Matthew 6:31-34, John 15:4-5

Key Points

  • Integrity requires wisdom. Wisdom brings centeredness. Centeredness brings contentment. 
  • A lack of integrity shows up in unfulfilled desires and poisonous relationships. 
  • You see what you look for. 
  • Your activities are defined by your identity rather than your identity being determined by your activities. 
  • Contentment frees you to be YOU! 
  • It’s impossible to want two competing things at the same time. Where you remain makes all the difference. 
  • God is the only one who has the strength to make your heart content. 
  • A lost soul isn’t a destination. It’s a condition. 
  • If we can’t keep up, we pretend. 
  • When you divide your life into segments, you are undoing everything integrity is trying to do.


“You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe…You [are tempted to] think that you have to be someplace else or accomplish something more to find peace.  But it’s right here.  God has yet to bless anyone except where they actually are.” Dallas Willard

  • Read the quote from Dallas Willard. How does this quote speak to destination thinking? How does destination thinking inhibit us from walking in integrity and experiencing contentment?
  • How do you tend to react when your contentment wanes? Where do your eyes look towards when discontentment sets in?
  • What does it mean to “bring your whole self to your whole life”? Who do you know that best lives out this mindset?


  • Read Philippians 4:11-13. How does one learn contentment?
  • Read Matthew 6:31-34. What happens to our integrity when we worry? What drives our worry? Do you believe God already knows all your needs? Why or why not? Does the way you live your life reflect your answer?
  • Read John 15:4-5. How is our ability to display integrity tied to our willingness to remain in Christ? How would you describe your current connection level with Him?


  • Think of the places where you are experiencing discontentment. What seems to be fueling this tension? Why do you believe God is trying to get your attention in this circumstance? What could He be teaching you in the midst of what you are going through?
  • You are likely to see what you are looking for. If this is true, where are your eyes set? What are your eyes telling you?
  • What aspect of who you are (job, family, relationships, faith, status, hobbies, etc.) are you wrestling bringing your whole self towards? What would it look like to show up and bring wholeness to this area?
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