In The Waiting: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Sometimes God says, “Hang on” so that we can learn to “hold on.”

Study Verses

 Psalm 40:1-5, Psalm 46:10, Romans 5:1-5

Key Points

  • God uses waiting for spiritual formation. By waiting God is teaching us to trust His provision.
  • We must shift our heart and mind from waiting to worship. We do this by taking the focus off of ourselves and putting it onto God. 
  • No one loves to wait. Why? Because waiting for something you really want is hard. 
  • The act of waiting is a spiritual discipline. 
  • We will miss out on so much of what God is doing in our lives if we’re always trying to “hurry things up.”
  • When God hits the pause button, He is saying, “Pay attention…I have you here for a reason.”
  • Instead of trying to speed things up and get us unstuck, God is wanting to do something deep inside our heart that shapes and forms our character.
  • Even in the midst of the waiting, God is doing something. 
  • God is trying to shape and form us into complete dependence on Him. 


“God wants you to get where God wants you to go more than you want to get where God wants you to go.” -Mark Batterson

  • On a scale of 1 (completely impatient) to 10 (no problem with waiting), how would you rate your typical response to waiting and displaying patience? What makes you answer in the way that you do?
  • Read the quote from Mark Batterson. Do you agree with this quote. Why or why not? How does your answer influence your willingness to be patient and faithful during times of waiting and not understanding God’s direction?
  • Describe a time when you encountered a time of waiting. How did you react to your circumstances initially? Over time, how did God shape and transform your character? In what ways did your perspective of God change by going through these circumstances?
  • What is the difference between a delay and waiting?


  • Read Psalm 40:1-2. What do we need to trust in and remind ourselves of when we find ourselves waiting?
  • Read Psalm 40:3-5. How did David turn his waiting into worship? Where did David turn his attention towards?
  • Read Psalm 46:10. How can the act of patiently waiting serve as a spiritual discipline?
  • Read Romans 5:1-5. Why is hope and character transformation only found if we are willing to preserve during difficult times?


  • When we are impatient, we are unwilling to let go of certain things (pride, fear, control, etc.)? What are you currently holding on to and why are you gripping to these things for pseudo security?
  • Where is God trying to get your attention by causing you to wait? How would a perspective shift alter your response to these circumstances?
  • One way we can turn our waiting into worship is by shifting our perspective off of ourselves and on to others. Who around you is in need of encouragement, support or help? How can you respond to this need?
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