Invitation To Imagine (Part 4): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Obedience becomes worship when we see His will is worthy of mine.

Study Verses

John 14:15, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, Romans 6:16-18, Romans 12:1-2

Key Points

  • The TRUTH is the foundation for all TRUST and therefore the HOPE of all RELATIONSHIPS. 
  • When we obey the TRUTH because we TRUST His HEART, obedience becomes a RESPONSE to WORTH.
  • Worship is simply our RESPONSE to something as WORTHY.
  • OBEDIENCE is about something more than COMPLIANCE. It’s centered on a RELATIONSHIP built on TRUST.
  • God’s will isn’t about what we ACCOMPLISH, but rather how we LIVE.
  • God’s will is about entering into a way of life that HONORS Him. 
  • Truth is RELATIONAL.
  • If we remove TRUTH from TRUST, we REDUCE it.
  • God’s Word is the EMBODIMENT of GOD’S FULLNESS and the FORCE behind CREATION.
  • We work to understand not the RULES, but the RELATIONSHIP.


  • Read John 14:15. What are different ways people can view Jesus in response to His “if…then” words in this passage?
  • What’s the difference in mindset and attitude between obeying out of compliance and obligation versus obedience fueled by trust?
  • How does understanding the relationship we have with Christ influence the way we approach the commands/rules He’s put into place?


  • Read 1 Corinthians 2:9-10. What does it mean that truth is relational? What happens to the truth when we remove our trust from it?
  • Read Romans 6:16-18. What are the two ways of living described in this passage?
  • Read Romans 12:1-2. In what ways does our obedience to something display our allegiance to that person or thing? What does it mean to offer our bodies as a “living sacrifice”? How is obedience worship?


  • Where are you obeying out of compliance and obligation rather than trust? What is causing this reaction?
  • Keep thinking about the situation above. If truth is relational, how has your struggle influenced your perspective and approach to God? How do you think He feels about you viewing Him in this way?
  • How can you begin to see your obedience as an act of worship in this area?
  • What is the greatest insight you’ve received from the past four weeks of the “Invitation To Imagine” series? How can you apply this truth to further your walk with Christ and pursuit of Him?

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