Snooze (Part 2): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Don’t promise to commit, commit to depend.

Study Verses

Romans 8:1-6, Matthew 26:41-42

Key Points

  • What we want can be different from what God wants.
  • Before you can submit your will to His, you need to believe what you’ve received.
  • To watch is to fix your eyes on what is true. 
  • Our flesh is brought into submission to the truth of our willing spirit. 
  • Our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak. We need to train our flesh to trust.
  • The flesh can’t be trusted. It must be trained for submission.
  • No matter how strong you make it, your flesh is still weak.
  • Your spirit (in Christ) is actually willing, ready and prepared for God’s will and God’s ways.
  • We buffet our bodies and make them our slaves so that our bodies are servants instead of masters. 
  • The body must be trained to do what the mind says. 
  • Think process rather than perfection and promises.


  • What tends to be your reaction when you encounter adversity in your quest for growth and change or notice old habits making a reappearance?
  • What is the danger in relying solely on self-willpower to transform your heart, mind, and attitude?
  • What we want can be different from what God wants. How does one know if their wants line up with what God desires for them? What are some warning signs that our wants lie in opposition to what God wants?
  • How does one take responsibility and ownership for change while at the same time relying on the Holy Spirit to guide them?


  • Read Romans 8:1-4. Why was our flesh (effort, rule following, etc.) incapable of fulfilling the law and producing change in our heart? What makes our flesh weak?
  • Read Romans 8:5-6. What are the two mindsets described in this passage? What makes each one distinct? What are the ramifications of having a mind set on the flesh versus a mind set on the spirit?
  • Read Matthew 26:41-42. Why is it important to set our focus on what is true when we are in search of change and transformation?


  • Where are you relying solely on your own willpower and strength to bring about change in your life? What is fueling this approach?
  • Is there something you want that you know is at odds with what God wants for your life? Where does your flesh need to be brought into submission?
  • In what circumstances have you encountered a setback, disappointment or frustration? How can you focus your eyes on what is true about yourself as well as God? What truths do you need to remind yourself of?

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