Snooze (Part 4): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

We don’t experience God’s faithfulness if we allow our faith to remain a system of belief rather than a call to action.

Study Verses

Genesis 22:13-14, Romans 4:18-21, Hebrews 11

Key Points

  • A decision provides a step. The step you take is called faith. 
  • Our faith is where we experience God’s faithfulness.
  • Faith is always seen in the future.
  • There is a big difference between thinking things over and overthinking things.
  • Growth comes through intentional encounters.
  • Our values and faith can’t simply be lip service. They are meant to be lived out.
  • Christ has invited us into an extraordinary journey, but it can only experienced through faith.  
  • A simple step of faith can unlock something you’ve never seen or experienced before.
  • Many of us approach our faith with an “all or nothing” type mindset. 
  • Baby steps, no matter how small, create movement and get stuff done. 


  • How does one know when they are thinking things over verses overthinking things? What are some differences between these two ways of reflection?
  • What happens to our heart and the way we approach the world when our faith remains a system of belief rather than something that is lived out?
  • Does your faith suffer from an “all or nothing” type of mindset? Why or why not? What makes you answer in the way that you do?


  • Read Genesis 22:13-14. Why is it important for us to create altars or mark moments to remember God’s faithfulness in our lives?
  • Read Romans 4:18-21. How did standing on God’s promises influence Abraham’s action? What propelled him to take a step of faith?
  • Read Hebrews 11. How did the people in this passage experience God’s faithfulness through their actions? Which person’s faith journey speaks to you the most and why?


  • Over the years how has God displayed His faithfulness to you? In what ways has God shown up? How do you keep these moments in front of you so they are not forgotten?
  • How are you structuring your life to have intentional encounters with God? In what ways are you placing yourself in environments where your faith will be stretched and experienced?
  • What is a baby step of faith that you can take in order to stop hitting the snooze button and  begin responding to where You feel God is leading you to act?

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