Still Gods (Part 3): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

You can’t offer everything if you’re clinging to anything. 

Study Verses

2 Corinthians 9:7-8, Matthew 6:24, Acts 20:35

Key Points

  • Stewardship is informed by purpose.
  • Choose to give. Choose to be cheerful.
  • Track every penny. Spend less than you earn. Make it a point to give.
  • The discipline of receiving frees us from the pressure of providing.
  • The discipline of giving frees us from the pressure of defending.
  • Giving without generosity is torture. Giving from generosity is freeing.
  • Money is tangible trust. Giving is a tangible way of letting go.
  • The source of letting go is trust.
  • Giving takes trusting God out of the realm of theory and into practice.
  • If you give out of guilt you will always be haunted by fear. 
  • When you see yourself as the provider, you become the defender of your “stuff.”


  • How is the act of giving an invitation to trust? How does money serve as tangible trust and a way to declare that God can be trusted?
  • In what ways does giving test our motives? What dangers arise when we don’t test our motives before we give?
  • How does seeing yourself as the sole provider influence the way you handle “your stuff”? How does this mindset lead us to defend our resources and become stingy?


  • Read 2 Corinthians 9:7-8. How has this passage been misused to justify a lack of generosity? What level of reflection is needed to develop the habit of being a generous giver? What is it about a cheerful giver that God loves?
  • Read Matthew 6:24. How have you experienced the tension mentioned in this passage? How does one serve money?
  • Read Acts 20:35. It is better to give than receive. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? What blessings come as a result of our giving to others?


  • You can’t offer everything if you’re clinging to anything. If this is true, what are you clinging on to and unwilling to give away? What keeps your grip tight? How can you begin to loosen it?
  • When it comes to your spending and giving, where do you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy cycle? Why do you remain in this place? What might God be trying to teach you by leaving you in these patterns?
  • What is the greatest insight you’ve gained from the Still God’s series? What would it look like to put that insight into practice? 

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