Still Room For Wonder (Part 1): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

The human heart is searching for something worthy of its attention, affection, and worship.

Study Verses

Matthew 2:1-12, Psalm 10:3-4, Psalm 46:10, Psalm 139:1-6, Psalm 9:1

Key Points

  • Gratitude arises from stillness.
  • Our circumstances can make us desperate, but our hearts can make us curious.
  • If productivity becomes the marker of success and success is the goal, then the quicker we produce, the more success we enjoy.
  • Efficiency has become the highest value in our culture.
  • The heart can’t help but express itself. What is formed on the inside gets expressed on the outside.
  • Gratitude awakens wonder while entitlement drives us to prove our worth.
  • Your sense of wonder is influenced by what you allow yourself to see.
  • You never awaken wonder by looking inward.
  • God is never in a hurry. Hurry is the enemy of spiritual formation.
  • There is a big difference between what catches your attention and what captures the affection of your heart. 
  • Worship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God.


“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” GK Chesterton

  • How are productivity and efficiency viewed in our culture? How do these traits lead one to be “successful” in life?
  • When was the last time you stopped and were in awe of something? How did this experience fill your heart?
  • Read the quote by GK Chesterton. Why is wonder required in order to express gratitude?
  • Why are many of us reluctant to be still and wonder? What makes hurry the enemy of our spiritual formation?


  • Read Matthew 2:1-12. What led the wise men to start out on their search? Why was their reaction to bring gifts and worship when they encountered baby Jesus?
  • Read Psalm 10:3-4. What causes us to leave no room for God inside of our schedule? How does this influence and impact our heart?
  • Read Psalm 46:10, Psalm 139:1-6 and Psalm 9:1. How does our willingness to be still lead us towards gratitude? In what ways does worship awaken wonder?


  • Where have you lost your sense of wonder? What have you replaced it with?
  • What are some steps you can take to develop a curious heart? How can you be intentional about slowing down and being still during the holiday season?
  • The heart can’t help but express itself. If this is true, how is your heart currently being expressed and how do you feel about this expression?
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