The Norm Part 4: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Ministry is when your life intersects with someone else’s needs and God moves through you. 

Study Verses

Mark 10:17-27, Matthew 22:36-40, James 4:13-17

Key Points

  • Your life is your story so tell a good one.
  • We all want our life to matter and make our mark on the world. 
  • You can’t impact anyone’s life if you don’t have a relationship with them.
  • Loving God is worship. Loving others is ministry. 
  • God doesn’t need you to be something you are not. 
  • Your ministry isn’t about what you DO but who you ARE.
  • The most important moment in your life is the one you are living in right now. 
  • Focus on building God’s kingdom instead of propping up your own empire. 
  • Great stories are told through faith, obedience and sacrifice. 
  • Your ministry flows from your walk with God. 
  • It’s all about the dash. What will you do with the time you’ve been given?


  • Surveys show that 85% of people struggle with their calling. Why do you believe most of us experience this tension?
  • When you hear the words “calling” or “purpose” does your mind tend to gravitate towards what you DO or who you ARE?
  • How have you wrestled with understanding your life’s purpose? Over the years have you gained more or less clarity over your calling?


  • Read Mark 10:17-27. Where was the rich young ruler’s security found – in what he did or who he was? How did Jesus speak to what was happening inside the rich young ruler’s heart? What was the ruler unwilling to sacrifice in order to follow Jesus?
  • Read Matthew 22:36-40. How does our ministry and the impact we have on others flow from our walk with God? Why do all the other commandments hang on our willingness to obey the command to love God and love others?
  • Read James 4:13-17. How does this passage speak to the importance of being present in every moment? In what ways is procrastination sin?


  • Complete the sentence: The story I am telling with my life is __________. What makes you answer in the way that you do?
  • The most important moment in your life is the one you are living in.  What situations are you currently facing that you need to remind yourself to be present for? How is God crafting your story by what you are dealing with right now?
  • Your ministry flows from your walk with God. If this is the case, how would you describe the current state of your heart and connection level?
  • How can you begin to activate your impact?
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