Two Pockets Part 2: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

There is no circumstance that can’t be transformed into something beautiful and epic in God’s hands.

Study Verses

John 10:10, James 1:2-4, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Genesis 39, Genesis 41:41

Key Points

  • God doesn’t promise changed circumstances. He promises to use them for His purposes.
  • Being trapped is a position. It is not your fate.
  • Have you made a plan for your circumstances?
  • Are you standing on God’s shoulders?
  • Maybe God doesn’t want to change your circumstances…maybe God wants to use your circumstances.
  • If you have a clear WHY you can deal with any HOW.
  • There is a time for everything, including your trials.
  • When you see things the way that God sees them, you are more apt to do what God is asking you to do.
  • God wants to meet you in the midst of your circumstance.
  • Difficulty plays a part in you experiencing fullness.
  • Firmness – Warmth = Rebellion. Warmth – Firmness = Entitled, spoiled brat.
  • Parents are the primary spiritual influence in the life of their child.
  • You don’t have to be absent FROM home to be absent IN THE home.


  • Abundant. Ordinary. Dysfunctional. Tragic. Which of these words best describe your circumstances right now? Which word do you think best describes the circumstances of those closest to you?
  • Stuart framed “parenting life to the fullest “as being kind, but having the courage to be both firm and warm. He also talked about the difference between being nice and being kind. Which do you tend to be as a parent? What are your thoughts about his idea of “parenting life to the fullest?”


  • As a parent, where do you tend to fall in the parenting quadrants? From what quadrant did your own parents tend to parent?


  • Read John 10:10. How challenging is it for you to trust Jesus’ promise of a “full life” when you come face-to-face with difficulty?
  • Read James 1:2-4. For you, what is the most difficult part of allowing perseverance to finish its work?
  • Read Genesis 39 and Genesis 41:41. What was one huge point that stood out to you regarding Joseph’s journey through unbelievable circumstances? What comfort should the words “God was with Joseph” bring us, especially when we face difficulty?
  • Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. How would understanding “there is a time for everything, including your trials” alter your approach to times of difficulty and struggles for you personally and as a parent?


  • “Maybe God doesn’t want to change our circumstances…maybe God wants to use our circumstances.” How does this statement effect you personally and as a parent (if applicable)?
  • Which would you rather God do: change your circumstances, allow you to change your children’s circumstances, or use your circumstances for His glory and your good? Why do you think so many prefer to simply change their circumstances?
  • “Being trapped is a position. It’s not your fate.” What are your thoughts about this? Are you feeling trapped? If so, where?
  • Have you ever seen God use someone’s circumstances in a way that they were glad God allowed the circumstances? How about you? Where has God used your circumstances to bring you closer to Him or glorify Himself?
  • What circumstance are you facing where you need to stand on God’s shoulders and gain some perspective?
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