What Matters Part 3: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Authenticity begins with honesty. 

Study Verses

Genesis 1:26-27, Colossians 3:7-10, Psalm 51:6, James 1:22-25, Psalm 1:1-3

Key Points

  • If you want to pursue truth, you begin by pursuing Jesus.
  • Trust can be shaken simply by suspicion. Distrust only requires a question mark.
  • Faith is a heart set that allows your experience to catch up with reality. 
  • Authenticity isn’t about being perfect, but about identity and the image you are reflecting.
  • Authenticity provides a standard for truth and a foundation for trust. 
  • Transparency is what you are allowed to see. Authenticity is trusting what you see.
  • The value of authenticity requires that we are relentlessly looking for and pursuing what is true. 
  • Authenticity requires process and is dependent on grace. We’re all works in progress.
  • We are experts at retelling false narratives. We must examine the stories we keep telling about ourselves and others. 


  • Authenticity has become a buzzword in today’s culture. What do you believe is behind this push to be “authentic”?
  • How would you describe or define AUTHENTICITY? Why is it important that our church community values authenticity? How is understanding and valuing authenticity critical in your own life?
  • How have you seen authenticity misused and distorted into something it is not (ex. “this is just who I am..I’m being real”)? What are the differences between transparency and authenticity?
  • Is it possible to trust an imperfect person? Why or why not? What makes you answer in the way that you do?


  • Read Genesis 1:26-27. Why does authenticity require a standard?
  • Read James 1:22-25. How does this verse speak to authenticity not being about achieving a standard or perfection, but rather our identity and the image we are reflecting?
  • Read Colossians 3:7-10. What role does process and grace play in valuing authenticity in your life and the life of other believers?
  • Read Psalm 1:1-3. What level of security does living an authentic life provide?


  • What false narratives do you keep telling about yourself or others? How does this story come to be? Why do you continue to tell it?
  • Read Psalm 51:6. Where are you resistant to allow God’s truth to penetrate your innermost being ? If authenticity requires honesty, why does this place of your heart remain hidden and unaddressed?
  • Are there relationships where your inauthenticity has caused mistrust or suspicion to spring up? How can you mend this relationship?
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