Wilderness (Part 1): Study Guide

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Bottom Line

The heart of temptation is trust. 

Study Verses

Luke 4:1-12

Key Points

  • Every temptation questions our identity as well as His goodness.
  • The wilderness feels God forsaken, but the wilderness is God ordained.
  • If you are different around different people, there’s a temptation problem in your life going unadressed.
  • Temptation always works to disintegrate.
  • Resistance builds strength.
  • Sin breaks trust.
  • Self-control is a lost art in our culture.
  • Temptation is a byproduct of love because love requires the option for it to be rejected.
  • With every temptation, there is always more at stake than we think.
  • Temptation has us questioning God’s goodness by putting us in the center.
  • Obedience comes through testing.


  • What emotions and thoughts are you bringing with you as we begin a 4-week journey exploring how to deal with temptation?
  • What does it mean that temptation is a byproduct of love? How does testing reveal what we value and whom we trust?
  • In what ways does temptation work to disintegrate? How does it tear our heart apart?
  • God is a God who tests. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? 


  • Read Luke 4:1-4. What did the devil want Jesus to focus on during this first temptation? What happens to our legacy when our cares are focused solely on our immediate needs? 
  • Read Luke 4:5-8. What is at the heart of this second temptation? How dangerous is it to live a life of shortcuts? 
  • Read Luke 4: 9-12. How did the enemy utilize Scripture to attempt to confuse and entice Jesus? How did Jesus respond to every temptation He faced? What insight should that provide us in a tool we can use to resist the enemy? 


  • While in the wilderness, Jesus faced three temptations: (1) Seeking God’s provision in His strength (2) Placing His image above God’s image  (3) Using God for personal gain. Of these three temptations, which one do you struggle with the most and why?
  • Think of where you are facing temptation. How is this struggle causing you to question your identity and God’s goodness?
  • Where do you feel like wandering? How did you arrive in this place of wilderness? What is the thing you want or need the most? 
  • What are some tangible ways you can trust God’s purpose and provision? 

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