Personal Retreat

Personal Retreat – June 2017

Life comes at us quickly. Many of us are moving at a pace so fast that we’re oblivious to the true condition of our hearts and the state of our relationships. The formation we crave will never be found in a hurry. It requires each of us to slow down and have an intentional and authentic encounter with God.

By being still, we are providing our hearts and minds an opportunity to pause in the midst of the chaos and hurry of life. Reflection enables us to expose what lies below the surface. Awareness starts with a simple, yet extremely challenging, question: God, what do you see in me?

In order for us to steward our influence and respond to the needs around us, we must be aware of God’s work in our individual lives. Leading others first begins with leading ourselves and following Christ’s example. It is our hope and prayer that we would develop a self-assessment culture within the PC3 community.

With that said, we are encouraging everyone to carve some time out of their busy schedules to engage in a mid-year personal retreat. For a few hours, we want you to push pause, quiet the noise and pursue God through reading God’s Word, prayer and journaling.

For some of you, this may sound intimidating. You hear the words “personal retreat” and feel like you are not there yet. We want to alleviate some of the pressure you are feeling. We understand that individuals will enter into this experience from different parts of their journey – curious about faith, new followers of Christ, struggling with their faith, and mature believers. Regardless of your starting point, this retreat can mark a moment where you can say that you heard God speak to you, maybe for the first time.

What is required of all of us is the willingness to be open and present. We will walk you through a personal spiritual retreat. There will be Scripture, journal prompts and reflection questions along the way. This is meant to serve as a guide to frame your time together with God. Don’t feel the pressure to answer every question. However, we encourage you to pay attention to the questions that make you feel vulnerable. It is in these places that you have the potential to gain the most insight.

During this experience, you’ll have an opportunity to celebrate growth as well as address areas of your life that have been neglected. Chances are good you’ll be made aware of some character gaps and feel overwhelmed with where to begin. Rather than trying to tackle it all at once, pinpoint one opportunity, or a next right step of faith, and commit to taking it. We’re excited about how God will use this experience to encourage and challenge you.

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Personal Retreat