Personal Retreat

Personal Retreat – 2016

Hurry is the enemy of self-awareness and spiritual formation. Why? Because it’s impossible to develop an obedient heart, integrity and character in a hurry. When we fail to make room in our heart, mind and schedule to hear from God, we lose the one thing we desperately need at that moment – perspective. Our solution to this pressure is to move faster, work harder and try to accomplish more in less time. But, what if we set apart time in our hectic schedule to just be still? What would it look like to carve out space in our lives to hear God’s voice? Our lives are full of what we make room for. Sometimes solitude is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. If we can see clearly, everything changes.

As we come to the end of 2016, it is important that we finish well so we can start the upcoming year strong. Finished things are usable things. With that said, we are encouraging every person who attends PC3 to hit the pause button and engage in a personal spiritual retreat during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We all desire clarity, direction and purpose in life. One way to do this is through consecrating a few hours of our day to pursue God through reading His Word, praying and journaling. For some of you, this may sound intimidating. You hear the words “personal retreat” and feel like you are not there yet. We want to alleviate some of the hesitation and pressure you are feeling. We will walk you through a personal spiritual retreat with Scripture, journal prompts and reflection questions. This is meant to serve as a guide to frame your time together with God.

We understand that individuals will enter into this experience from different parts of their journey – curious about faith, new followers of Christ and mature believers. Regardless of your starting point, this retreat has the potential to be a rewarding experience, and a moment you can say that you heard God speak to you, maybe for the first time. What is required of all of us is the willingness to engage in the process and be open and present.

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Personal Retreat