Executive Team

Campus Pastors


Name Title Campus Contact
Richie Marshall Executive Pastor Central Email
Adam Hicks Director of Operations Central Email
Nancy Forester Pitt Director of Human Resources Central Email
Brenda Austin Assistant to Senior Pastor Central Email
Jessica King Executive Administrative Assistant Central Email
Marvin Green Accounts Payable Central Email
Sandra Cayton Operations Staff (PT) Central Email
Warren King Technology Coordinator Central Email
Carol Pious Administrative Assistant Wilmington Email
Jeff Caison Facilities & Safety Manager Wilmington Email

Children’s Ministries

Name Title Campus Contact
Chris Sasser Pastor of Family Ministries Central Email
Marcy Bolick Director of Grow Zone Wilmington Email
Kayla Daughtridge Grow Zone Volunteer Coordinator Wilmington Email
Molly Swander Grow Zone Curriculum Coordinator (PT) Wilmington Email
Rich Biagini Director of Treasure Island Wilmington Email
Katie Robinson Small Group Curriculum Coordinator Wilmington Email
Sierra Barnes Volunteer Coordinator Wilmington Email
Greg Tart Children’s Ministries Production And Media Coordinator Wilmington Email
Denise Lord Large Group Coordinator (PT) Wilmington Email
Andy Sellers Director of Children’s Ministry Leland Email
Emily Gore Grow Zone Volunteer Coordinator (PT) Leland Email
Ashleigh Morey Treasure Island Coordinator (PT) Leland Email
Sue Bishop Children’s Ministry Coordinator New Bern Email
Tanya Frazier Children’s Ministry Coordinator (PT) Jacksonville Email

Student Ministries

Name Title Campus Contact
Chris Sasser Director of Family Ministries Central Email
Brett Eddy Pastor of Student Ministries Wilmington Email
Pat Connolley Student Ministries Coordinator Wilmington Email
Courtney Everett Tsunami Small Group Coordinator Wilmington Email
Matt Berry Production Coordinator Wilmington Email
Geoffrey Banks Ripple Effect Coordinator Wilmington Email
Taylor Swander Tsunami Coordinator Wilmington Email
Natalie Smith Music Staff (PT) Wilmington Email
Matt Rabalais Student Ministry Coordinator Leland Email
Jonathan LeMaire Student Ministry Coordinator New Bern Email

College Ministries

Name Title Campus Contact
Chris Sasser Director of Family Ministries Central Email
Clay Everett Director of College Ministries Wilmington Email
Kalee Stikeleather Overflow Connect Staff Wilmington Email
JJ Clark Production Coordinator Wilmington Email
Zack Hamby Overflow Connect Coordinator Wilmington Email

Adult Ministries

Name Title Campus Contact
Rick Shafer Pastor of Adult Ministries Central Email
Mark Foland Pastor of Community and Mission Wilmington Email
Lauren Frady Director of What’s Next Wilmington Email
Lauren Urban Adult Ministries Coordinator Wilmington Email
Sharon King Adult Ministries Coordinator (PT) Leland Email
Polly Clawson Women’s Coordinator Wilmington Email
Jerod Coe Married Couples’ Coordinator Wilmington Email
Dennis Hufham Men’s Coordinator Wilmington Email


Name Title Campus Contact
Debbie Kinsey Care Coordinator Wilmington Email
Mark Allen Refuge Coordinator Wilmington Email
Marla Decubellis Biblical Counseling & Care Groups Coordinator Wilmington Email


Name Title Campus Contact
Evans B Director of Missions Central Email
Katie Ridd Missions Mobilization Coordinator Wilmington Email
Hunter Scanlan Missions Logistical Coordinator Wilmington Email

Weekend Service

Name Title Campus Contact
Chris Kuhne Pastor of Worship Arts Central Email
MJ West Weekend Service Programming Admin Wilmington Email
Jake DeMaris Worship Service Programming Coordinator Jacksonville Email
Chad Brewer Worship Service Programming Coordinator New Bern Email
Lisa Stikeleather Director of Host Team Wilmington Email
Dudley Raye Host Team Volunteer Coordinator Wilmington Email
Ashley Sarvis Host Team Coordinator (PT) Leland Email
Brooks Joyce Music Director Wilmington Email
Kalee Stikeleather Music Coordinator Wilmington Email
Natalie Smith Music Staff (PT) Wilmington Email
Brandon Shaw Lighting Engineer Wilmington Email
Carson Goslee Audio Engineer Wilmington Email
Nick Warkentien Video Engineer Wilmington Email


Name Title Campus Contact
Will Fryar Media Director Central Email
Taylor Jackson Video Producer Central Email
Tony Ripa Writer Central Email