Challenge Accepted

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Have you ever read through the entire Bible from cover to cover? It’s no easy task, but Garrett, a 5th grader from Treasure Island, just completed it!

Last year his small group leader, Ian, presented a challenge to all the boys in his group: read the Bible from cover to cover. Garrett eagerly took the challenge head-on and got to work. Ian promised a prize to any, and all kids who were able to finish it and, recently, Garrett proudly accepted his gift, a Costco sized bag of Jolly Ranchers.

Garrett is already begging his mom to allow him to become a small group leader in August after he moves up and into 6th grade. Ian plans to circle back to Kindergarten, and Garrett wants to be sure to secure his spot assisting Ian.

His mom shared with the Treasure Island staff just how much her son loves his leader and how great of an impact Ian has made in Garrett’s life.

At PC3, we say all the time that relationships are KEY to life change and we mean it. This simple story speaks to that fact. Ian has shown up consistently to pour into the boys in his group, he has challenged and encouraged them in their faith and he’s built an incredible foundation of trust which gives him a great deal of influence.

This story fills our heart with JOY! What a powerful reminder of the influence our family ministry volunteers have each week and how they lead and love on each child that walks through our doors. If you would like more information about how you can impact the next generation by volunteering in our family ministries, visit What’s Next on Sundays or click HERE.