Love Rained Down

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At PC3, we speak about the power of one. One simple invitation. One welcoming smile. One step of courage. We often underestimate the potential impact found in living out our faith “as we go” about our day as well as paying attention to those around us. All of our baptism stories are special and unique because every ONE matters and every person has a story. Yet, what led Lori to get baptized beautifully highlights the heart behind PC3 and what it means to “reach people and help them walk with God.” Here is Lori’s story:

After losing her husband and mother, Lori wanted to be alone in her grief. Lost and uncertain of where to turn, she did something unusual for her – she prayed. Lori couldn’t put into words the sorrow that consumed her heart and was unsure of how to pray, but she realized that healing wouldn’t happen on its own. Lori continued to pray in the midst of the pain and confusion hoping that change would one day come.

Having a heart to serve others, Lori attended a local Habitat For Humanity build. While repairing and building homes, she learned that Port City Community Church was providing lunch and Richard, a PC3 member, would lead the blessing. His simple prayer for the food had a much more significant impact than he realized. The faith and hope Richard possessed intrigued Lori, so she struck up a conversation with Richard to learn more about this church. Richard extended an invitation to Lori to “just come once.”

Lori obliged, and as she entered the doors of PC3, she brought with her a heavy heart. Overwhelmed at what she was encountering, Lori looked for a volunteer to point her in the right direction. Not only was Lori welcomed, but she was also greeted with a warm hug from a Host Team volunteer who let Lori know how glad she was that Lori was here. But, the volunteer took it a step further and insisted that Lori sit with her during the service.

The music began to play, and Lori rose to her feet. The tears started to fall. The walls she placed around her heart crumbled. She encountered a loving God who met her right where she was in the middle of her grief.

“As I cried, love rained down on me. I had come in with an empty and broken heart, and while we sang my heart was filled with love, with joy, and with hope. Jesus had reached down for me, and I accepted Him,” Lori said.

Since that experience, Lori has continued to grow in her walk with Christ. She has begun volunteering and found a home and community here at PC3. Lori now looks for ways to be a source of hope for those who might be hurting, just like she was. The healing of her own heart will take time, but her approach to wholeness now centers on keeping her eyes focused on Christ.

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