TI Baptisms



We’re so excited that your child is interested in being baptized!  Follow these simple steps to get started…

Watch the parent video.

Watch the video for kids with your child.

Help your child write their story.

Contact the Treasure Island staff for next steps.

Parent Video

We’ve created this video to help equip you to have conversations with your child about salvation and baptism.  In the video, you’ll learn about what it means to be saved, why we get baptized and how to know if your child is ready to take this important step in their faith.    

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Kid Video

We’ve created this video to help your child understand what it means to be saved and why we get baptized.  It is made especially for elementary-aged kids and is designed to help them understand these most important concepts in a way that is fun and engaging.  Who says you can’t laugh and learn about salvation in the same video?  In Treasure Island you can!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Going through this process with families is one of our greatest joys and we are honored to partner with you in this exciting next step of faith. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Treasure Island staff at your campus.