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We all want to be free. But, what does true freedom look like? The picture for many is one of no restrictions. You are free to act, look, think, dress and say whatever you want, whenever you want. Anything goes. If it feels good, do it. The sky is the limit. There is no one holding you down. You get to play by your own rules and call your own shots. In a culture that is growing increasingly weary, resistant and defiant towards authority, we are reluctant to submit to anyone including God. This is why many scratch their head and don’t know what to do with the Christian faith. From their perspective, submitting to God’s authority is just a way of telling humanity to get in line. Becoming a Christian eliminates expression, emotion, and fun. Christ equals conformity and can only leave one feeling suffocated, squeezed and stifled. But, what if we have it backward? What if living by our standard robs us of freedom and leaves us trapped instead? We invite you to join us for Trapped where we will explore the freedom of authority.

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