What’s Next

Getting Connected

Here At PC3 we know each person coming through the doors has a personal journey, unique to them. So if you are new to church or still exploring faith, we have a place for you to discover and ask all of the questions you might have about God, faith, the Bible, and Christianity. We also know that as our lives move through seasons and change, it takes intention to keep moving forward. No matter where you are on the path, our church has a way for you to deepen your connection in a way that will develop intentional relationships as well as challenge your faith to grow.

Get In Touch

Getting Involved

Service is a huge part of who we are at Port City! We believe that a heart for God is also a heart for helping others. So we are passionate about helping people get involved. No matter what your gi s are, we desire to provide opportunities both inside and outside the church where you can participate in serving others. Whether you want to volunteer as a greeter on Sundays or work alongside an outreach organization in our city during the week, there are many opportunities for you to make an impact in our city, region and world.



Being a part of a church community means we can offer hope, encouragement, and Biblical guidance to those experiencing deep challenges in their daily lives. In caring for one another, we desire to help you discover the hope we share in Jesus and connect you to people who can help you continue to grow. You may be interested in one-to-one care if you’re struggling with issues such as: Addictions, Anxiety, Grief, Parenting, Marital Problems or Pre-Martial Mentoring.

Discipleship at PC3

No matter where you are in life we as a church we want to come alongside each person and provide a place for you to question, connect, learn, be challenged and serve. As you get more involved here at PC3, you’ll probably hear the phrase “The Path.” What we mean by this is simply where you are in your relationship with Christ. Even though our journeys vary and we all enter the path at different points, there are distinctive markers of growth we should look for along the way.

What’s Next for You

If you’re not sure where to start, let us know and someone will be in touch with you to help you take your next step.