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The church isn’t made up of people; it’s made up of stories. Everyone who comes through the doors of the church has one. No two people’s story will be exactly the same. God uses different encounters, moments, and relationships to bring people to Himself.

God has told numerous stories through the people of PC3. They’ve included news of marriages repaired, families strengthened, addictions conquered and freedom experienced. Individuals who’ve met the difficulties of life head on with courage and grace have moved us.  We’ve watched as individuals have wrestled with questions of faith, sought answers, and encountered the love of Christ for the very first time. We’ve been encouraged by people putting their faith into action and serving the local community along with places around the globe.

Everyone loves a good story – they inspire, they give hope, they speak of redemption. We want to ensure these stories of impact, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption and service continue to be told – not to make a name for ourselves, but to point others to the hope of the Gospel. This is where you come in. Sharing your story provides clarity for you, and encouragement for others. We would love to hear your story so please take a few moments to share it with us by filling out the form below.

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