Church Shop Part 1: Study Guide

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Bottom Line

Our ownership to the life of the church flows out of our understanding of His church.

Study Verses

1 Timothy 3:14-15, Romans 2:11, James 2:8-9, Ephesians 2:19-22

Key Points

  • We treat shopping for a church like a Black Friday event.
  • We want the church to meet our needs, but at an acceptable cost.
  • Finding a local church to attend is not the final destination, but instead, only the starting point in God’s plan for your life.
  • The local church becomes a new and better family for you.
  • A local church is where God expects you to be living life together with those that are not like you.
  • The one thing that should be undeniable is our love for one another.
  • Renters are only in it for the short time. Owners are in it for the long haul and think about the future often.
  • When you are part of a church, there is no “US” and “THEM,” only “US.”
  • Every person has an inner thirst for his or her life to matter. God has given the local church as a place that will satisfy this longing.
  • The local church is God’s way of providing for us a new laboratory for learning to love in a new way.


  • How would you describe your history with “church shopping”? How did you come to the decision to attend PC3?
  • As it relates to involvement inside a church community, what is the difference between being a renter and an owner?
  • What are some signs that consumerism has invaded your mindset towards church?


“The Church is a family, not an orphanage. You see, the reality behind an orphanage is usually characterized by a couple of things. Usually you have one or two overworked staff trying to serve a bunch of underserved kids and we spend all of our time and all of our responsibility trying to depend on those individuals to take care of all of the work. There’s really no burden of responsibility for the orphans to maintain, but a family it’s all in. There’s this responsibility that each and every one of us have.” – Dahti Lewis, Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA

  • Read 1 Timothy 3:14-15. What three images did Paul use in this passage to describe the church? How was Paul trying to combat our natural tendencies towards a consumerist approach to church shopping?
  • Read Ephesians 2:19-22 and the quote from Dahti Lewis. What implications does the church being viewed as a household have in terms of investment and ownership?
  • Read Romans 2:11 and James 2:8-9. How does learning to live and love together with people who are not like us help us fight the sin in our lives?


  • How would you be described when it comes to your commitment to Christ and His church (owner/contributor or renter/critic)?
  • Fill in the blank: For me, being an investor in PC3 looks like _______________. In what ways are you contributing to the mission of reaching people and helping them walk with God?
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